Forrest Dominic Oct 23, 2014

" Hold him a little longer, 
Rock him a little more. 
Tell him another story ( you've only told him four)
Let him sleep on your shoulder
Rejoice in his happy smile
He is only a little boy 
For such a little while. "

Forrest Dominic I dreamt about you. Who you were going to be, what you were going to look like and how excited I would be to hold you in my arms. 

My pregnancy was different and although it was without complications for you, it took its hardest toll on me. Managing your two big brothers and a new heart issue left me exhausted and tired by the end of the day. But that exhaustion did not take away my excitement from the day I would meet you and you would rock our world as your brothers did each time. But you, you had a special part. You were the missing link, and you would complete our family. 

Your pregnancy was also different because unlike your brothers we decided to what out what you were. I remember it, I was sure you were another boy. I remember the technician telling us and I remember laughing- because three boys- why not? We were up to the challenge. Yes, I had some moments where I mourned that baby girl, but I knew God had a plan for us, and with you here in my arms today- I wouldn't change that plan for anything. 

Then at 8:12am on October 23 we heard your first cry. 

Oh that sweet, sweet sound. The joy, the excitement, the look on your daddies face. All those moments. Forever etched in my heart. 

I remember that night something feeling different as the local anesthetic started to fade. This was c section number 3, I was expecting a quick recovery and return to normal. Unfortunately that was not the case, this c section was HARD, actually scratch that. It felt almost impossible. I remember Brian helping me walk to the bathroom and I couldn't even walk two steps without bursting into tears. They ended up loading me up on a strong pain med which really helped me cope with the pain, but it was still a controlled drug and something I needed to be careful about taking. 

After about a week, on my first night at home. I started having a reaction, I felt my heart rate slow right down,  I was having chest pain and felt like I was going to pass out. Oh and of course Brian was on a night shift. Thankfully my parents were here and we packed up and headed for the hospital. They rushed me into that trauma room so fast, did an IV, x rays, bloodwork all within a blink of an eye. I even ended up having a CT scan to rule out a blood clot. THANKFULLY I was okay. It was a scary experience which just goes to show that having a baby, is a miracle and something we are oh so thankful for. 

After about 3 weeks I was able to walk around normally again and we started settling into the new routine and life as a family of 5. Forrest didn't do through any fussy stage and literally put himself to bed every night when the boys went to bed. It has man life so so easy. 

Forrest you have been a dream. You are an answer to prayer. You make each day so easy. I am so thankful for you and I am so excited to see who you become. And Forrest, there is one thing that I can not forget. You are named after a great man, a man who made everyone proud. You have some mighty big shoes to fill with that name attached to yours, but I know you can and you will and you will make us all proud. 


Love your momma


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