" The process of shaping a child, shapes the mother herself."

You are three. I cant even believe it. It feels like if I close my eyes tight, I can picture this day. 

I remember them passing you into my arms, I remember your eyes looking up at me, I remember those squishy lips. And most of all, I remember the tears rolling down your dads face and how proud he was of you. 

We were a family of three. It felt so different. We felt so "official" No longer just the married couple, we had a baby, we were kinda a big deal. 

Time flew by and before we knew it you were one, and two and now three. A lot has changed for you in these past two years. A new house, a baby brother and a entire collection of animals which are clearly "Bostons Pumpkin, Boston's pickles and Boston's Chickens."

You have this sense of humor which reminds me of your daddy. You love to make me laugh. You have this flicker in your eye that makes me cautious because I know it almost always leads to trouble. You have tremendous strength. For a little boy of three, you know how to test my patience, and even my sanity at times. 

But wow, I love your little smile. 

You became a big brother last year and I know that was hard. Its hard to share your mom and dad. But day by day, I see your relationship forming. I see the way Rhys looks up to you already and I cant wait to see what your relationship has in store for many more years to come. 

Boston, you are my first. You made me the mommy I am today. We are on this journey together and I am so proud to call you my son. This next year will be yet another adjustment for you as you enter pre-school. I am sure that it will help you flourish. It will allow you to test out your social skills and learn how to many more friends.  I love you baby boy.


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