Only an Aunt

"Only an Aunt can give hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister, and share love like a friend."

Everyone has that one special family member. That one that has always gone over and beyond what they needed to do. I am lucky enough to tell you that not only did I have one, but I had a entire family. Anyone who knows me well  knows that I will openly called her my favourite aunt because she really is. 

I have been mustering up the courage to write this post because I knew it was  going to be hard. To actually have these words written down onto a blank page means that its real. That its not a illusion that I have been living these past five years. Because five years ago my aunt was diagnosed with cancer. 

I think my memories are the clearest when I was around 8. I have vivid memories of how much I couldn't wait to spend the weekend at their house. I remember our first stop was always to the grocery store. We would fill up on everything we couldn't have at home. We got trix, all sorts of candy toppings for ice cream sundaes and pizza. It was paradise. We would spend the day going for walks, making caramel candy apples (which I remember to this day unwrapping all the wrappers) and we also made a trip or two to the local pet store to get a pet fish for my uncles fish tank. Daniel got the neon see through fish that were later eaten by Chris's cat fish and my siamese fighting fish did quite well chasing his shadow on the tank wall. 

Things changed when I turned 10. My aunt and uncle adopted two twin baby girls. I remember seeing the excitement on their faces. I could understand it to a certain level. But now being a mother myself I can feel it on an entirely different level. 

After those babies came to our house, I decided I wanted to spend every waking minute with them. And that I did. I loved going to my aunts place. I loved helping change the girls and play with them and feed them. I loved how my aunt made it seem so easy. There was no stress, no worrying. She just breezed through what I could imagine to crazy busy times. 

Those baby girls by the way have grown into amazing young women that I am so proud to call my cousins. 

Time has flew by. Birthdays, Graduations, Moving to new houses, babies and much more celebrations. Some times I forget that I am not that little girl, who grew up in a cozy warm cabin with amazing family around. 

That path brought us straight to where we are today. June 2013.  I wanted to write this so she could read it. So she knew exactly how I felt. 

Aunty Vicki, 

You changed my life. You showed me the meaning of family. I can still remember your warm smile as you scrapped off burnt toast on christmas morning and your contagious laugh that could be heard through out the house. 

I will not forget everything you have done for me. Every little story you ever told me. Like the time you and my mom returned the bottle depots uh.....(your secret is safe with me ;) )

You are so strong. Even as I visit you in the hospital you still have that smile and the grace that you have had since I can long remember. 

I cant imagine life without you. I cant imagine family events. Thanksgivings, easters and christmas's will never be the same. Sometimes its hard to understand this and why its happening. Even as I type these words it doesn't seem real. 

I know your ready. I know God has amazing plans for you. I know you get to finally meet him. I know you get to be with Grandpa. I want you to know that I will always be there for your girls like you were there for me. ALWAYS. I know you will be here with us, every step of the way. 

I love you so much. SO SO much. 

Thank-you for always being that person. That aunt. The best once ever. 

Your niece forever. 



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