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Let the records show..

" Your not just raising your son,  your raising somebody's husband and father."

      " Its a boy!" I know those words well. I have heard them four times over. Each time, the same, each time different. If that makes any sense. 
Boston, my first. I never want to forget those sweet baby cries, the look on your dads face and the tears rolling down. You are like no other, your my safe spot. My comfort.  You made me a momma, you changed me forever. 
Rhys, the key to my heart. My sweeter than sweet boy. You roll out of bed each morning and come in for the cuddle. You sweep the hair away from my eyes and tell me I am beautiful, that you love me. Your love is like non other. 
Forrest, my wild thing. Your flowing locks, your witty smile, your milky soft skin. I literally can't even handle the sight of you without melting. You have always had the most go with the flow personality. You crave adventure and that has made my mom heart sing. 
Romeo, my love. My baby. Im trying…

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