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This is us

" Family is not an important thing, its everything. "                                       -Micheal J Fox
I get a lot of people asking us about our family. How we came to be where we are. How we live in a small house, and what life is really like amidst the chaos. What I wanted to take a second to write about today, was who we are and what our family is like.

This is our family. If you would have asked Brian and I on the day of our wedding if we thought we would be parents to 4 boys, we would have laughed at you, but life has a way of making things better than you expected and here we are 10 years later, happily married with four beautiful boys. 
Brian and I met about 14 years ago, and although it was not the picture perfect start to our relationship, it was still our story. Through our 10 years of marriage we have learned a lot. We have conquered many mountains and walked many valleys. I am so thankful for him, every single day.

Brian, started his days in finishing carpentry, …

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