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6 people in 1100 sq ft

I get asked a lot, HOW DO YOU DO IT? HOW do you have 6 people living in 1100 sq feet? So here are some tips on how we make it work with 4 boys, and us, in 1100sq feet. 

1) DOWN SIZE, and then DOWNSIZE again. Its actually shocking how much extra things you accumulate in 10 years of marriage. It has literally been a huge process of going through clothes for the kids and toys and taking multiple loads in our truck to MCC. Im not even kidding here, we have maybe taken 5 or 6 truck loads of excess. I also really minimized in the kitchen with what tools we had and needed. We owned a lot of dishes, appliances and knick nacks that we never used, so those went into the mcc pile as well.

2) All our kids share a room. We have a huge loft upstairs that our kids sleep in. They each have their own bed and personal reading space, that they know is just their own. So if they need some alone time, they can go sit on their bed and no one will bug them there. This has also really come in handy when we tra…

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